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Online lifestyle coaching is for those looking to lose body fat, improve their body composition AND improve their quality of life. This coaching process is done 95% online with weekly communication. You will check in with Dani  once weekly with an online form consisting of items such as measurements, progress photos, how you’re feeling mentally/physically, what your appetite is like, etc. Think of this as like your weekly appointment with Dani online.


This class is designed for women in Tulsa who are looking to have a fit and feminine physique. We now workout at my personal home gym so you can expect the setting to be very private  & personal, AND you can expect to be working out with the same group of women each week. It is for women at any and all fitness levels. I work with those who’ve never lifted a weight before in their life, as well as those who might have years of experience and anything in between. This is a 12 week program which focuses on strength training for fat loss and muscle building. Once each 12 week period is done, participates will be able to opt out if needed, that way new ones can join in on the fun. 

Currently Full – check back later for updates!


Whether you’re brand new to the bodybuilding world, or you’re an experienced competitor, Dani can help guide you to the stage to present your best overall package. Communication works just like the Online Lifestyle Coaching, except you will check in twice weekly instead of once. Macro, Cardio, Supplement, and Peak Week plans are ALL provided with all package options. The customized training program is additional but optional.


Don’t waste away your months of training by not being prepared with proper stage presence. These days, you can’t expect to do well without it. You’ve only got seconds to show the judges what you’re bringing, therefore creating a routine in advance that you can practice and tweak down through the weeks is crucial for success. 

Check back later for clinic dates & details!


Looking for a more affordable route OR even just a place to get started? Click here for pre-designed workout programs that are ready for you to download NOW! Basic supplement recommendations also included.

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