The Truth About Fat Burners

The Truth About Fat Burners

Before I was in the fitness industry, I had this vision in my head of what I thought a fat burner was. I envisioned that every time after I took a pill, little creatures would basically eat away at the belly fat, magically disappearing and leaving me with toned beautiful abs.

Reality Check! Nope. Fat burners are not a magical pill that goes straight to your belly fat or leg fat or arm fat and starts chomping away at the stuff you don’t want. If it were that easy I wouldn’t be here right now with this type of job.

But here’s what they can actually do…

1. Suppress your appetite so that you can adhere easier to your calorie deficit.
2. Increase your body temperature which helps you burn a few extra cals.
3. They contain caffeine so that you have more energy for both your workouts and daily life. When you have more energy, you’re able to expend more of it thus equaling greater calorie output.
4. Some contain a mental focus effect, which helps you to be more productive which can increase your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which creates more calorie output again. The reason calorie output is so important is because fat loss occurs when calories out exceed calories in.

It’s starting to be more known that fat burners don’t work alone. And for that reason they’ve been given a bad rep…

However, if you use them properly with BOTH exercise and proper nutrition/calorie deficits, they can definitely help your success rate in a positive manner, without any harm.

Start of my competition prep of 2017 –> end of it, 24 weeks later

When I’m dieting for a show/in a fat loss phase, I take the Nutrithority Flux Elite Stack.

1. Flux: the fat burner that does all of the above

2. Thermite: a non-stimulant fat burner (no caffeine) that focuses on increasing your internal body temp. I love taking this mid day or when I’m having a hard time getting warm in the gym (common problem when my body fat % is lower) and when I DON’T need anymore caffeine.

3. Equilibrium: suppresses excess estrogen and contains Ashwagandha (a natural vitamin that helps level out cortisol levels). It basically helps keep your hormones in balance while dieting which makes it easier for your body to respond to weight loss.

Please note that the Elite Stack was not a magic set of pills that did all of the work shown above for me. I was in a caloric deficit for 6 months, lifting weights 6x/week and doing plenty of cardio too. The Elite Stack simply helped me adhere to my program and gave me a little bit more of that extra push I needed.

If you’re beginning a fat loss phase and you want to give the Elite Stack a try, use code Dani to get free shipping, or click here.


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