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“I Don’t Want to Get Big”

We live in a world where today’s media is filled with marketing scams, exaggerations, lack of legitimate research and just plain lies. The exact scenario I’m referring to is why women should or shouldn’t lift weights and what the consequences are. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a woman look at me and say…
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7 Simple Tips to Maintain Weight on Vacation

These days it seems like one of the most common times to “get in shape” are right before one leaves for a vacation….but only to enjoy themselves so much that they gain it all back. Here you will find 7 easy tips to help you not waste all your hard work but still enjoy yourself at…
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Your Scale is Lying

People always look at me crazy when I tell them to stop worrying so much about the scale…here’s why! This is what 5 pounds of fat looks like compared to 5 pounds of muscle. Saying “muscle weighs more than fat” isn’t the correct terminology. How it should be put: muscle takes up less space in…
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What Is a Macro and Why Should I Care?

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and latest posts, you’ve probably heard me use the term “macro” on several occasions. If you aren’t sure exactly what I’m referring to, OR if you just want to learn more, keep reading. The word macro is short for macronutrients, where each provide energy and recovery for…
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Grilled Turkey & Cheese Sandwhich

Anyone else love a good grilled cheese sandwich? As a kid, it was one of my main staples. I used to think I was going to have to give it up in order to obtain my fitness goals, but I’ve managed to create an IIFYM recipe that’s even better than a traditional grilled cheese. I…
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“Healthy” Foods That Can Make You Fat

Good, I got your attention.  I took this photo on a plane earlier this year. Notice anything wrong with this meal? At first glance, probably not. Fruit, granola, yogurt…”healthy” right? Not exactly. I added all the macros up and estimated this meal contains somewhere around 90-120g carbs, with about 70g of them coming from straight…
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