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Life During Bikini Prep – The Final Weeks

Hiiiii!!!! I know, I know, where have I been?? Focusing. That’s where. Yikes these last 3 weeks have been a blur! I have so much to update you guys on that I feel the only way to do it is to break it down into multiple different blogs. Today’s is all about the final weeks…
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Life During Bikini Prep – How I Survived Vegas

Hey all! I know some of you have been anxiously waiting on this particular post, and I’ve finally found the time to get it out there to you! It’s been more than a couple weeks since I’ve updated you on my prep so I’m going to go over my vegas trip for the most part,…
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Meal Prepping 101

All fitness gurus out there have their own different staple rules they live by when it comes to their fitness and nutrition routine. Some follow a “clean” diet while others following a flexible diet. Some prefer intermittent fasting while others choose to eat first thing upon waking. There’s obviously many different ways to achieve fitness goals,…
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What Is a Macro and Why Should I Care?

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog and latest posts, you’ve probably heard me use the term “macro” on several occasions. If you aren’t sure exactly what I’m referring to, OR if you just want to learn more, keep reading. The word macro is short for macronutrients, where each provide energy and recovery for…
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Grilled Turkey & Cheese Sandwhich

Anyone else love a good grilled cheese sandwich? As a kid, it was one of my main staples. I used to think I was going to have to give it up in order to obtain my fitness goals, but I’ve managed to create an IIFYM recipe that’s even better than a traditional grilled cheese. I…
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“Healthy” Foods That Can Make You Fat

Good, I got your attention.  I took this photo on a plane earlier this year. Notice anything wrong with this meal? At first glance, probably not. Fruit, granola, yogurt…”healthy” right? Not exactly. I added all the macros up and estimated this meal contains somewhere around 90-120g carbs, with about 70g of them coming from straight…
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