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Life During Bikini Prep – The Final Weeks

Hiiiii!!!! I know, I know, where have I been?? Focusing. That’s where. Yikes these last 3 weeks have been a blur! I have so much to update you guys on that I feel the only way to do it is to break it down into multiple different blogs. Today’s is all about the final weeks…
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Life During Bikini Prep – I Am Human 

Because I’ve been MIA since my Vegas post, this week’s blog is going to be a recap over the last 3 weeks, including this week’s current peak week. Part of the reason why you haven’t heard from me much lately is because things have gotten tough…At least compared to how things were going the rest…
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Life During Bikini Prep – Week #8 Recap

Hey all! Sorry I’m a bit late on getting this one out there, but things have been much busier for me lately which I’m definitely not upset about as it’s causing time to fly. More big changes have recently occurred! At the beginning of last week my low day macros were lowered, but my refeed…
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Life During Bikini Prep – Week #7 Recap

Just finished up week #7 and I’m excited to say that things are still going great and I’m making slow but steady progress! By now in the past, I would have become more like a whiny robot counting down the weeks, days and hours until I don’t have to use a food scale…but I can…
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