“My Fitness Pal says I’m out of macros for the day, but I still have calories left to eat. How is this possible?!”

A very valid question I often receive.

There are 3 reasons why:

1. Some companies do not count their fiber calories and/or sugar alcohol calories. Why? Marketing.

Let’s use Halo Top for example.

The Pancakes & Waffles flavor advertises on the font that it has 320 calories in the entire pint.

However, when you check the nutrition label and do the math, it actually has 426.5 calories in the entire pint.

You see, they did not count the calories coming from fiber and sugar alcohol. I still love this ice cream and will continue eating it, but this is a pretty sketch thing to do all to make it look like it’s lower in calories than it actually is. The number of companies out there also doing this or who will be doing this soon is endless.

2. A lot of food options in MFP were entered into the system manually but individuals like you who use the app everyday, which leaves a lot of room for possible human error. This could be a math error or a typo error.

3. Similar to the scenario above, only it wasn’t an error. Some people only count calories, not macros. So when they enter the nutrition facts for a new food they’re creating in the app, they leave the macros blank which automatically puts them at 0. Or vice versa, they enter the correct macros but leave the calories blank.

In conclusion, I always tell my clients to not even look at their calorie intake for the day in MFP. Reason being is if your macros are where they need to be, then your calories will be where they need to be.

Also, this proves just how important it is to double check which food options you’re using in MFP. What you don’t want to do is use the first option that pops up in the search bar without clarifying that the nutrition facts are in deed correct. I’ve even noticed at imes after using the bar code scanner, the wrong item shows up! This can make or break you when it comes to tracking macros and reaching your goals.

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