My Favorite Fitness Apps

My Favorite Fitness Apps

Below are 4 apps I incorporate into my fitness lifestyle on a daily basis, rather I’m dieting, maintaining, or trying to add muscle. They’re all pretty basic, but I’m not sure if I could survive without using any of them.

If I’m missing out on any you use yourself, please leave a comment at the bottom and help a sista out!

1. My Fitness Pal

What I use to track my macros with. Once you figure out how to use the app, it’s super simple (especially if you eat a lot of the same foods regularly).

I do recommend upgrading to the premium version if you plan on taking macro counting seriously. It took me awhile to bite the bullet because I didn’t think I needed it, but it really is super convenient, especially if you’re newer to macro counting.

It also allows you to create your own recipes, dividing it out so you know what the macros are per serving.

You can have “friends” on the app which allows you to share food/meal ideas + it’ll let you copy and paste the meal your friend had into your own food diary for simplicity.

2. Strong

What I use to track my workouts with. I can save routines + see what I did weight and rep wise the previous week which helps me to push myself a little harder the following week. The best way to reach your physique goals is to constantly set PR’s (personal records) and the best way to ensure that is to track your workouts.

I upgraded to the premium version and highly recommend doing so. All of the added details are a game changer leaving me feeling incredibly organized and accomplished after each workout.

3. Calendar

Organization is key! I map out on my iPhone’s basic calendar which days I’m lifting what workout, which days I’m doing cardio, when I plan to go to the store, when I plan to bulk cook, etc. The things I just listed are action steps towards reaching my goals, and I’ve found this is the best way to ensure they get done and not pushed to the side.

When something is on my calendar, it’s a priority.

4. Fit Radio

For me personally, my workout playlist can make or break a workout. When I get burnt out on all of my go to songs, this is a great way to switch it up and keep the energy high during my workout. They have every genre you can image – from hip hop and techno to indie, classic rock, 90’s and reggae. They even have unique playlists that are categorized by the type of workout you’re doing. Think specific music for elliptical, weight lifting, high energy, and “fun run”.

I’m sure there’s so many more out there, but these are the basics I use on a regular basis.

Are there any you can think of that I’m missing and need to give a try? Comment below and feel free to share if you found this useful.


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