Low-Cal Skinny Halloween Martini

Low-Cal Skinny Halloween Martini

In honor of Halloween approaching us quickly, here’s an awesome martini recipe to serve at your adult costume party this weekend that won’t leave you feeling guilty (or bloated)! Halloween Martini

This solo photo of the martini popped up on my Facebook memory board a few days ago and reminded me of a tasty recipe I created a year ago and had completely forgotten about.

I made it again this past weekend and was reminded just how good it is.

Not only is this Skinny Halloween Martini festive, cute and tasty, but it’s also very macro friendly with the only calories in it coming from the alcohol. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vanilla flavored vodka
  • Diet Orange Sunkist
  • Orange flavored zero calorie drink mix
  • Splenda

Martini IngredientsDirections:

  1. Place your martini glass in the freezer so it’s nice and chilled once your drink is made
  2. Fill shaker with ice & 1 shot of vodka (I’ve made it with multiple flavors and my favorite was by far with the Smirnoff Vanilla, versus the Pinnacle Cake)
  3. Add in about 1/4 of the flavored water packet (the more powder, the more you can’t taste the alcohol. You’ll have to play with it to find the right amount you prefer)
  4. Shake well…then add in about 2 shots worth of the Diet Sunkist…then stir (don’t shake again like I did…whoops)
  5. Open up one packet of Splenda, and add to your martini glass rim
  6. ENJOY!

I looked up a few other Halloween drink recipes online, and most of them seemed to be filled with nothing but different varieties of juices and/or creams…aka sugars!

To read more about which drink ingredients are the most dangerous, check out my blog on How to Choose Your Martini Wisely.


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