Life During Bikini Prep – Weeks #9 & #10

Life During Bikini Prep – Weeks #9 & #10

Hey all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last couple weeks, but I have a valid excuse.

We’ve finally moved into our new home and have been going through the very looong process of settling in.

But I won’t complain because it feels sooo good to finally feel more at home again 🙂

Anywho, I’m going to make today’s update on the last 2 weeks short and to the point, because that’s all I have time for these days and I’ve got to get my butt to the gym ASAP!

As of this past Saturday I was 5 weeks out from the NPC Oklahoma Championships in Tulsa, then 2 weeks after that I’ll be heading to Dallas for the Europa Games!

I’m down 1 more pound in the last 2 weeks putting me at 115.6 for a 7lb total loss thus far.

Macros haven’t been adjusted since you last heard from me, but cardio has been upped again.

I’m now doing HIIT 3x/week and steady state cardio for a total of 60 minutes, split up however I wish.

When I went into prep, I was purposely doing 0 cardio so that it would have more of an impact for when I did add it in.

Once I’m done dieting, I will slowly be taken off of all the cardio little bits at a time so that I do not gain body fat too quickly.

Cardio is similar to reverse dieting in that you have to wean yourself off of it so that your body and metabolism has time to adapt without it being a huge shock to it.

To learn more about the dangers of too much steady state cardio over long periods of time, click here

To learn more about why HIIT cardio is best for fat loss, click here.


I finally had my first missed workout in 9 weeks.

With the move taking place recently, the to do list was endless and mentally I just needed a break.

I knew that if I did go to the gym that day, I would have just been going through the motions which would have been a waste of time that I could have spent packing.

I tried not to be too hard on myself and keep in mind that I’ve been working out 6 days a week (where as my last preps I always did 5), but it got to me a bit mentally as I know that now is not the point in time where I want to be slowing my intensity and momentum.

I know – roll your eyes, go ahead.

This is just the life of a bikini prepper and what goes on in the head!

I’ve had more not so great workouts lately too.

Mostly it’s metal, because I’m running through my to do list in my head and I have so many other things occupying my mind and focus.

“Did I reply to x client yet? Make sure to plan tomorrow mornings bootcamp..and make it a good one. Dang it I forgot to cook the chicken, it’s going to go bad if I don’t stay up late tonight to do that! Hope the dog didn’t get out again….My kitchen is a mess. How am I going to cook the chicken?! My office desk is literally in pieces on the floor. I’m ready for my office again. Crap, I forgot to write a blog last week. Okay…rep 5, 6, 7… oh hey new vain! Coaches meeting on Friday, make sure to have your questions ready. Did you call that bootcamper back yet? Dang I forgot to pick paint colors out for the house, paint sale ends today! Rep 9…10…you need to add more weight, you’re not focusing. Seriously.” 

How I’m Feeling Physically: 

Honestly, not a lot to report here.

I’ve gotten used to my low carb days so strength only suffers when I’m lacking the right mindset.

When I have my two refeeds on the weekend, I kill my workouts. Energy is through the roof and I get super excited to get to the gym, take my time and crush every rep.

I haven’t been working on pull-ups as much as I used to, but I’ve decided to get back at it again and start hitting some new PR’s.

Pull-ups started this workout which was at the end of refeed day #2.

Looks like I’m starting my max at 8 therefor I plan to hit a new PR of 10 in a row asap! Then its on to 15..maybe even 20??

We’ll see, they take  A LOT out of me! 😉

How I’m Feeling Mentally: 

Up and down, up and down.

Up…..then back down.

Then up.

Except for the dying part…that might be a bit dramatic 😛


I’m still on this egg kick thing.

I’m tellin’ ya, when I get on it it’s like every day until I get so sick of them that even the thought of them makes me want to vomit.

But appetite is up there.

On low days if I’m at home working I have to keep myself busy and distracted so that I don’t wonder to the fridge or pantry.

If I’m gone all day busy, I’m perfectly fine because I don’t even think about it.

Mental. Mental. Mental.

On refeed days, my appetite actually increases because the extra calories are revving up my metabolism giving it a little kick boost.


If you saw my protein pancake post last Friday and it interested you, than get prepared to have your socks knocked off.


I call it Dani’s Homemade Dessert Crepe! 

Included is a protein pancake (recipe was sent to online clients this past weekend) + Halo Top ice cream + strawberries + Walden Farms chocolate sauce.

It reminded me of a white chocolate crepe that my husband and I shared on our honeymoon in Greece.

That good, no lies (or maybe I’m just going crazy, I don’t know, you tell me).

I <3 Flexible dieting.

On my low carb days, my new best friend is a big ol’ leafy salad. 

  • Spinach
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Strawberries
  • 99% Ground Turkey
  • Sugar Free Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

The amounts of all the toppings really depends on my macros for the day and what I have left over.

If I had a little more peanut butter at breakfast, than I’ll have to cut back on either the avocado or almonds for my fat grams sake.

If I had an extra slice of bread after my workout, than I might need to get rid of the strawberries.

It’s all about hitting my total macro goals at the end of the day (proteins, fats and carbs).


Remember when I mentioned awhile back that I’ll be traveling to Vegas for a wedding while on prep?

Well…that week has come.

We fly out Thursday morning and won’t get back until the end of the weekend.

I’m already taking the time to plan things out such as:

  • When & where I’ll work out
  • My meals of course (will likely be ordering from a food prep company and having some meals shipped)
  • How I’m going to pack all of my supplements

Next blog will be a recap of how I did.

Wish me luck this week!


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