Life During Bikini Prep – Weeks #3 & 4 Recap

Life During Bikini Prep – Weeks #3 & 4 Recap

Come Saturday I’ll have completed week #4 so today’s post is a combo of the last week and a half.

I’m currently within 2-3 pounds of my starting weight depending on the day, however I’m definitely seeing physical changes everywhere.

I’m still doing HIIT cardio 2x/week and macros have only been lowered just a touch one time thus far.

Training: This past weekend I decided to switch my training days up so that I will be performing my heavy strength days with my husband.

Not only will it be great to have him there to spot me, but I’m also hoping that having him there will help motivate and push me to lift more weight than when I’m alone.

Plus we’ll be killing two birds with one stone by spending some quality time together -#coupleswhoworkouttogetherstaytogether 😉

During my heavy leg day on Saturday I hit a new rep PR on sumo deadlifts that I was super pumped about. My current routine is 5×5 while trying to add a little weight to the lift each week.

I’ve been stuck at 205lbs for a bit but I was feeling great so I decided to step things up a notch. I ended up performing 205/205/215/225/225. The most liberating part was thinking back to when my old 1RM was 225 and quite the struggle at that.

Hitting new PR’s while on prep is not easy and takes a lot of mental focus…at least for me anyways.

How I’m feeling physically: I’ve definitely gotten used to my new workout split as my body is not feeling near as sore or fatigued as it was the first couple weeks. I wasn’t even sore after my big leg lifting session this past weekend which came as quite the surprise.

As I’ve mentioned before, you do not have to experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in order for it to have been a successful workout.

It is actually more beneficial for your muscles to adapt to a workout program that is repeated for several weeks in a row than it is to switch things up every week.

Appetite: At the beginning of week #3, my appetite had shot up drastically. The reason ended up being that mother nature came and hormones were coming into play.

Sorry for the TMI, but this stuff is important in this process as well…and at least I’m actually having a period (some bikini girls diet so hard for so long that they actually lose their periods which is no where near healthy).

I lost mine the first time I dieted hard in 2012 and it took months to get it back. I now know how to avoid that by keeping my fat intake in a healthy range, and I have no plans on having that issue ever again.

Now that it has passed, my appetite has gotten much better again and the munchies have diminished (for the time being).

How I’m feeling mentally: In terms of my prep thus far, I really don’t have any serious complaints (that may be because I’m experienced in this process and I know how to handle it and what is to come). It also helps big time that I follow a flexible dieting format.

However, there have been other stresses I’ve been going through personally that have caused my cortisol levels to rise. Because of this, the scale isn’t moving around much, just dropping by about .2 each weigh in (I weigh twice a week).

When stress starts to rise, it can really put a toll on your body which can stall fat loss. I’ve noticed down through the years that when I’m mentally more relaxed, the scale tends to move much easier.

I’m doing my best to not let the scale get to me because I know that there are many factors that go into the outcome of what number pops up on the scale each morning.

What’s important is I’m starting to see really great changes physically. I’m seeing more muscle in my upper body again and I’m looking more vascular.

I’m also making sure that my coach knows this as it’s important for her to know and understand all of the changes occurring even though the scale isn’t doing a whole lot. For example, if my waist measurement is going down, than there’s no need for her to lower my macros even if my scale stays the same.

If you have an online coach, I’ve learned first hands on both sides of it that it’s very important for them to know all the details, both good and bad. There will never be such thing as TMI with a process like this.

Food: No big changes here. I’m still eating basically that same list of foods that I gave in the first of the blog series (click here to read).

Do know that this is not because I have to stick to just those foods. It’s because I enjoy those foods, and it’s just easier to eat the same ones in order to stay on track and count macros properly.

One tip I did want to share is how I switch up my turkey by going back and fourth between 93/7% and 99%. I prepare both when I do my bulk cooking on the weekends so that I have options. The 99% comes in handy when I do want to switch things up a little and enjoy something during the day that has a little more fat in it.

For example, I’m now officially hooked on Trader Joe’s famous cookie butter. If I’ve got a craving for something sweet and I want an extra tbsp of cookie butter, I’ll have the 99% turkey for dinner instead of the 93% in order to stay within my fat goal perimeters.

I also do the same thing with fat free cheese vs low fat cheese. Cream cheese, shredded cheese, cottage cheese etc. all come in both fat free and low fat options.

Other: Last week I had to do a bit of traveling for a couple days.

Typically I hate traveling while prepping because preparing food is a pain in the butt, but like I’ve said previously, my goal during this prep is to not let my hobby stop my from living my life.

The photo above shows all the food I took with me that lasted 2 days.

I arranged it so I only needed to workout one time while I was gone (as you can see from the photo my pre and post workout routine is quite extensive).

The key that made this successful was I planned out (in My Fitness Pal) my entire 2 days in advance, and I packed exactly what I needed, weighed out and measured.

I tried not to take a whole lot of extra food so I wouldn’t have to carry so much, however I did take an extra scoop of protein in case of an emergency (like what if my dog somehow ate my ground beef ? Or I dropped my protein shaker causing it to spill all over the floor??)

Being prepared at all times while on prep is a necessity..and is usually the biggest pain in the ass, just to be real with you.

That’s all for now!



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