Life During Bikini Prep – Week #8 Recap

Life During Bikini Prep – Week #8 Recap

Hey all!

Sorry I’m a bit late on getting this one out there, but things have been much busier for me lately which I’m definitely not upset about as it’s causing time to fly.

More big changes have recently occurred!

At the beginning of last week my low day macros were lowered, but my refeed macros were raised as well as rearranged.

My low days are now around 1,500 calories, where as my refeeds are now just under 2,000 calories and are 2 consecutive days back to back (where as before I was having them every 4 days, not on consistent days).

Cardio wise I’m still doing HIIT 2 times a week and steady state cardio 50 minutes total for the week in whatever format I wish (I typically split them up into two 25 minutes sessions).

I lost one more full pound putting me at 116.6lbs for my new current low.


I’ve recently switched up my workout routine but the only changes made were the compound lifts that I’m focusing on.

For instance on my heavy leg day I was focusing on squats and sumo deadlifts, but now I’m focusing on leg press and conventional deadlifts.

However you may have seen my sumo deadlift video this past weekend.

New PR – 270lbs

The original plan wasn’t to max out, but once I started my refeed that morning I was feeling too good to not attempt something super heavy that day.

During the few days I’m feeling like this during prep, I make sure to take full advantage of them.

My accessory lifts I switch up all the time because I travel around to multiple gyms and the same equipment isn’t always available (accessory lifts for legs would include thinks like donkey kicks, hamstring kickbacks, bulgarian split squats etc.).

Plus this helps keep things fresh and not get boring.

If I get board with my workouts, I tend to just go through the motions which ends up being a waste of time and energy.

How I’m Feeling Physically: 

It depends on what day of the week it is and when my last refeed was.

Saturday & Sundays are my new refeed days, and during both of those days this past weekend I felt like a new woman!

I had an immense amount of energy and was in the best mood I’ve been in in a long time (I think the South Tulsa Bootcamp girls can attest to that after Saturday morning’s intense workout).

By last Friday, I was on my 5th low day in a row and the struggle was real.

I have it set up so that Fridays are my rest day because I’m definitely going to have the least amount of physical energy that day after 5 low days in row (on “low days” my carbs and fats are lower than they are on my refeed days).

I have my days where I’m much more sleepy (usually on the 4am wakeup call mornings), but I’m honestly very proud of myself on how well I’ve done with not only staying on top of my workout schedule, but also being careful to not just go through the motions.

When prepping for a weight lifting session, I really try to set the tone by reminding myself to make every rep count.

Too many times in the past preps I would just go through the motions to complete the workout that my coach had given me.

I think a part of why this has improved is I’m doing my own workouts this go around so I don’t have something in front of me to just “get done” or complete.

It’s all up to me this time and how hard I’m willing to push myself that day.

Of course there are days harder than others, but the goal is to make the best of each day and each workout no matter how I’m feeling.

How I’m Feeling Mentally:

After I got through those first few lower carb days last week (carbs were lowered by 20g total to 140g/day), I can say I’m still doing very well mentally with this prep, if not continuing to get better.

Monday-Wednesday last week were a bit of a struggle as those 20 carbs made a big impact on the meals I have on a consistent basis, but once I adjusted and got my new routine down I was fine again.

When I was down another full pound come Saturday morning, it was another boost of motivation I needed to continuing killing it these next 7-9 weeks (7 weeks out from show #1, & 9 weeks out from show #2).

That also may have helped me obtain the new PR that morning.

Soooo much of this process is mental!!

It also really helps that I’m noticing more big changes on my body, not just on the scale.

The abs are playing peak-a-boo, quad sweep is here to stay, and my biceps & dealts are finally looking leaner and fuller without even needing a pump (the arms have come in much slower this time compared to last, but I think the back-to-back refeed days really helped with this recently).

Seeing all of these changes this past week has put me in a whole new mindset to where I look forward to crushing every workout and continuing to find ways to better my weaknesses.

It’s a great reminder of why I do what I do and why I’m willing to sacrifice other things in life to be able to compete in this mentally grueling sport.


It’s up there alright!

As I explained above, that carb drop of 20g may not sound like much, but they felt like a lot.

During those first 3 days with the new lower carb goals, I could literally feel my body eating fat off of itself.

By the end of the day the stomach was howling, not growling. But yet I can’t complain because that tells me things are working!

By Thursday I started to get used to the new lower intake and was not near as hungry, and then the refeeds over the weekend have so far gotten me through the beginning of this week without any issues.

One thing I do want to emphasize on is that I’m probably still eating more on my low days than most of you realize or even eat yourselves.

I’m just used to eating a lot more during my offseason so that I don’t have to drop my calories so low in order to make progress (read more about this process here).

No matter where your calories are while on prep, there always seems to be times where you can relate to the hungry Frenchie above! #everybitecounts


I’m not usually an egg person, but I go in spurts where when  I do crave them, I’ll have them every day for like 3 weeks.

Lately I’ve been on a kick where I want breakfast for whatever meal which will include eggs, liquid egg whites, low-fat shredded cheese, bell peppers, and then cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread for my carbs.

The ratio of eggs vs egg whites really depends on my macros for the day and what meal I’m having it in.

If it’s a meal that’s near a workout, then I’ll have only 1 egg and more liquid egg whites due to the fat consumption.

If it’s for breakfast, then I’ll have more whole eggs than egg whites as I currently consume most of my fats for the day at breakfast.

On my low days my protein is higher, but on my refeed days my protein is 20g lower so that makes a difference as well on the exact amounts.

Other: Posing, posing, posing

I’m hitting this area harder than I ever have in the past because I’ve learned a girl can steal the show based off of her posing alone, and I know I still need a lot of work in that area.

I’ve had to force myself to have official posing practice days and times or else I know I’ll just keep putting it off.

My favorite night to have it is on Sunday evenings after some steady state cardio because:

A) I’ll watch posing video tutorials while on the treadmill to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with IFBB Bikini Pro Lisette Howard’s posing series.

She goes over EVERYTHING including faces, hand positions, front poses, back poses, when to smile, when not to smile, and much more.

B) It’s the most down part to my weekend and I’m always home around then.

C) There are very few people who come into the apartment gym at this time and day which makes it much easier to accomplish things without an awkward crowd in the background wondering what the heck I’m doing prancing around in what look like stripper heels.

If you have specific questions about bikini prep and what all it entails, please comment below!

I’m looking to do another Q & A post soon about Life During Bikini Prep, and I’d love to answer some of your questions.


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