Life During Bikini Prep – Week #5 Recap

Life During Bikini Prep – Week #5 Recap

This last weekend marked 5 weeks completed for prep so far.

Five down, ten more to go until show #1, and then another two weeks after that until the second one.

So far my macros have been lowered only 1 time since my initial big cut at the beginning, and I’m currently averaging 1,711 a day when taking into consideration my carb cycling (macros are lowered at a different pace and rate for everyone depending upon how each individual’s body responds).

Cardio has slowly increased little bits at a time.

When I went into prep I was doing 0 cardio (on purpose so that it would have more of an impact when I started incorporating it again).

As of this week I’m now doing HIIT 2x week for 8 rounds + 1 day of steady state cardio for 30 minutes.

My weight has actually not been moving a lot, but there are definitely other physical changes taking place.

As of this morning my weight is technically only 3 pounds down from starting weight but my progress photos show much more than that.

This is different for me as usually when I see this much progress in my photos, I personally have experienced a much bigger drop on the scale.

This in no means has me worried but rather excited because my muscles are staying full while I’m leaning down at the same time.

Training: Nothing new here yet (expect for my cardio routine).

I’m still hitting legs 3x a week and upper body 3x a week. I follow a heavy, medium and light weight format for all 3 days of each muscle group (heavy weight with less reps, moderate weight with moderate reps, light weight with high reps).

I plan on switching up my routine here in about a week as that will mark 8 weeks since I started my current workout split.

How I’m Feeling Physically: These last couple days were the first time so far in prep that I’ve really struggled physically.

Over the weekend I felt very physically tired and weak. Weight felt 10x heavier than what it normally does and it was a struggle getting through my entire workout.

Unfortunately that’s just part of this sport and there will be days like that from time to time.

What’s important is that I try my best and push through the workouts with what energy I do have.

Now, I was also suppose to do HIIT after yesterday’s lifting session, but I chose not to based upon how I was feeling. I knew that I was going to be better off going home to rest, and attempting it again later in the week when I’d actually do an accurate job at it.

Flexible dieting isn’t just about being flexible with your food choices, it also means that you’re flexible with your approach and that you listen to your body.

I can already say I’m feeling much more normal mentally & physically today, therefor I will be able to get my HIIT session in this afternoon which will end up going much better than it would have had I attempted it yesterday.

Sometimes going all out 110% of the time, isn’t the best answer or approach.

If you’re body is really struggling one particular day because you’ve gone days or weeks without taking a proper rest day, than you should probably listen to it.

The body is smarter than what we tend to give it credit for.

Appetite: Even though I’m still averaging a little over 1,700 calories a day, I’ve been getting quite hungry and noticing big spikes here as of lately.

I wake up hungry, and I go to bed hungry (but at least I can say it’s bearable and nothing I can’t handle).

This is because I’m getting to that point where I’ve been in a caloric deficit for 5+ weeks now and my metabolism is running well and burning fat.

How I’m Feeling Mentally: It’s hard to admit and talk about but I’ve been struggling a bit in this area lately.

Main reason is because I feel like I’ve chosen the worst time in life to do a competition diet.

Not because I’ve got too much going on to juggle the meal prep and workouts, but because of the social side of life.

I just moved to a new city hours away from a place I called home for 7 years.

I’m missing my friends, my old job, my bootcamp girls, and actually knowing where things are in the grocery store.

The basis of the matter is it’s very hard to make new friends when you can’t go eat out or drink socially, and that’s all everyone does around here.

I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy and put a damper on your Monday morning, but if there’s anyone reading this that is considering competing one day themselves, it’s important they understand some of the sacrifices that are made for this mentally challenging hobby.

I love this sport and I’m very excited about the possibilities I might see this season, but a part of me can’t wait to be a normal human being again and be able to go out and have a social glass of wine with my girlfriends.

Food: Still eating a lot of the same foods because it’s easier that way and I don’t get sick of things for quite awhile.

Although I have fully converted over to 99% ground turkey instead of 93/7% due to my fats being lowered just a touch.

This allows me to have more room for things like peanut butter and hummus with my veggies.

With yesterday being Easter, I planned ahead and saved room for a Reeses peanut butter egg. Those are one of my favorite treats that I’ve been in obsessed with in the past.

In fact, during my first bikini prep when I did things the “clean” way, I started having nightmares towards the end of the diet that the eggs had legs, and they were chasing me around. True story. Not healthy either.

How’d I make it fit? Easy. I cut out the PB that I usually have for breakfast.

I had it for post workout with a protein shake because it had 16+ grams of sugar in it and post workout is the best time to consume sugar so that it’s stored as glycogen in your muscles and can be used later for energy.

(If you’re one of my clients and you’re thinking “but wait, that has a lot of fat in it and I thought I was suppose to do less fat after a workout?” Well, you are correct and I broke the rules this one time because it was Easter and I wanted a Reeses cup. #FlexibleDieting)

Other: As of this last week, my husband and I have booked our plane tickets to Vegas.

No, not after prep. During.

A good friend is getting married and we’ve decided we’re not going to miss it just because I’m dieting.

At 1 month out from show #1, I’ll be prepping my food and packing my suitcase for a very sober weekend in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for more to come on how this is all going to go down!

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