Life During Bikini Prep – Week #2 Recap

Life During Bikini Prep – Week #2 Recap

Week #2 is in the books and I’m down anywhere from 2-4 pounds depending on the day.

The great news is we have not had to adjust my macros one single time since the first initial cut.

Looks like that big 100 carb drop was well worth it after all!

I had heard in the past that with each time you go into a competition prep, the easier it gets. I feel like I can finally attest to that statement!

Though it’s only been 2 weeks, I told my coach this is has by far been my easiest prep yet. I think a huge part of it is I knew what to expect not only physically, but mentally as well.

I hired my coach not only for a continuing education for myself but also so that she could stress about my macros so I wouldn’t have to. I just do what she says to do in term of my macros & cardio (training split I’m doing on my own) and I trust the process.

I know that she has my best interest and if I just do my part, than it will all workout in the end. Keeping that in mind and trusting the process more than I ever have in my life has been what has made me feel so relaxed this time around.


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Training: Workouts are still going great and I’m having no problems with maintaining strength. Some days are better than others but that’s just how it goes.

I’m still feeling pretty focused during workouts which is leaving me to be pretty sore for days afterwards, causing the following day’s workouts to be a bit tough to get through (not a bad problem to have).

Once my body adjusts to the new compound lifts I’ve been working on, this should become much less of a problem. 

I’ve been gym hopping lately trying out all of the different ones in the Tulsa area and I’m finding that my environment can make a big impact on how well my workout goes.

I seem to work harder and be more motivated when I see others around me working hard as well. If I’m in smaller gym where there’s hardly anyone around, I find myself to be a little board and just going through the motions.

I’ve also been testing out to see what time of the day my body performs best and my conclusion is the early afternoons – without a doubt.

I’ve never been a morning person and it takes me awhile to get going both mentally and physically. I find that I’m most awake and energetic in the afternoons which is how I prefer to be when it comes time to crushing some heavy weights.

I also like to mark off a lot of things on my to-do list in the mornings and then use my workouts as a reward. I’ll tell myself that if I get “X” things done, then I get to go to the gym.

I absolutely hate it when I’m feeling distracted during my workouts by my large to-do list on my mind. It makes me feel guilty and that I should be doing more important things instead.

By getting done my necessities in the mornings, I feel like I can dedicate those 1-2 hours in the afternoon to myself with no distractions.

How I’m feeling physically: Sore! With my new workout split I’ve recently switched up, my body was definitely feeling more fatigued last week.

Like I said above, the combo of the new lifts I’ve been working on plus the large amount of mental focus is what’s causing this.

Even though we still haven’t dropped my macros since the first initial cut, I noticed a definite increase in appetite this last week.

I found to be hungrier both on my refeed days as well as the day after.

This is actually quite normal and a good thing. It means that the refeed is fulfilling it’s purpose of giving the metabolism a kickstart.

In order to help with my hunger, I have a few tricks that I do.

One is called intermittent fasting (holding off on breakfast as long as possible).

This causes me to have 1 less meal a day, but allows my other meals to be much bigger thus more satisfying. What’s most important is that my total macros at the end of the day are as consistent as possible.

Intermittent fasting is not for everyone, but is something that I’ve found does work for me both mentally and physically.

In the evenings, if I’m still hungry after my last meal and I’m craving something a little sweet, I’ll have a diet pop. The carbonation helps my tummy feel much more full and helps satisfy my little craving. Since diet pop has 0 calories, I’m totally fine in terms of hitting my correct macros.

Also know that I’m drinking roughly 1 gallon of water every day. If I have not gotten all of my water in yet, I will not allow myself the pop. This is a very give and take, balanced process!

How I’m feeling mentally: In terms of my own prep, I really can’t complain.

Of course I have other stresses going on in my life…like deciding on the right house to buy…but I’ve been using my dieting and training as an escape and something to look forward to.

In the past my mindset was the total opposite and I felt like prep consumed me and my thoughts at every waking moment.

This time, I’m looking at it as much more of a hobby, and I’m not letting it rule my life.

This new mindset has changed everything for me and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies all the time.

If I’m going to say I’m struggling with anything at this point I would say it’s the constant counting and measuring.

With as specific as I have to be with measuring out all of my foods 110% of the time, it can cause a serious head ache at times.

There was once where I was about 15g short of protein and I had no carbs and no fats left. I didn’t have any meat cooked that didn’t have some fat in it so I had to have a protein shake. Problem was 1 scoop of protein = 25g…and I only needed 15.

So I had to do some math:

  1. Since I needed 15g protien and 1 serving has 25g, that means I needed .6 of a serving (15/25 = .6)
  2. The protein powder nutrition label said that 1 full scoop should weighed 30g on the scale.
  3. 30g x .6 = 18g on a scale

Therefor I had to measure out 18g of protein powder on my food scale to make sure I only got 15g of protein in.

See what I mean by math and headaches??

The worst is when I don’t have dinner planned out, I come home starving, but I have to do all this math before I can start preparing what I’m going to eat.

These are the times when my hangriness comes out and my husband knows to not to try and have a conversation with me until I settle my situation…lol.

IMG_1834.JPGCurrent Food go-to’s: I’m still eating a lot of the same foods I was last week, but just switching them up by preparing them in different ways.

My clients know I love ranting about my Easy Mac meal…yes, I said Easy Mac like mac & Cheese!

For awhile I was mixing ground beef and salsa into it so it was kind of like nachos! This past week I started putting my peas & carrots in it to give the veggies a flavor boost (added with that was a turkey burger for the protein).

IMG_1832I also found a new post workout that I don’t think I’m going to be able to get enough of…Strawberry Halo Top ice cream + strawberries (and a protein shake not pictured).

Halo Top ice cream is ice cream that has only 60 calories per serving with very little coming from fats and carbs, and contains 6g of protein.

And yes, it actually tastes good too!

Other: One thing I need to do better about is my consistency with water.

I’m drinking a pretty good amount each day, but I want to make sure that I’m consistent with it as well.

Reason being is the more your water intake varies, the more the scale is going to vary.

What I don’t want to happen is not get enough water in the day before a weigh in and then I’m up a pound because my body is retaining water from not getting enough in.

It’s not that I’m worried about the scale saying a specific number, I just want whatever that number is to read the true number.

If I’m falsely up a pound due to lack of water, I don’t want my macros to have to be lowered just because I wasn’t consistent enough.

I can’t say enough how important consistency is to this entire process!

I have a hunch macros might be lowered for the first time this week…wish me luck!



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