Life During Bikini Prep – Show Time

Life During Bikini Prep – Show Time

If you’ve never competed before but you’re either: A) considering it or B) currently on your first prep…this post should help clear a few things up by giving you some knowledge on what to expect once the big day arrives.

Today I will be discussing:

  • What takes place the day before the show as well as the actual show day
  • My experience at the NPC Oklahoma Championships
  • My experience at the Dallas Europa Games Expo

Day Prior to Show

Plan to take this day off work as there will be lots of things to gather and get done.

Plus you’ll want as much rest and relaxation time as possible before the big day!


With this being the day you’ll get the first spray tan, you’ll need to shower, wash hair, shave and exfoliate (more details on proper tan prep later).

All competitions provide a spray tanning company that will be backstage at all times for touch ups when needed.

This appointment must be made ahead of time, and is usually done at the host hotel.

Hope you’re not shy!

It’s a little bit different at each show on how the room is set up, but be prepared to see lots of naked fit bodies (females only of course).

You’ll obviously have to go nude, and the girl spraying you will have you twist, turn, and bend in more ways than you can imagine.

Some tanning companies even follow the spray with a paint brush roller so they can get alllllll up in there…like ALL up in there. For real.

Like I said, don’t be shy, and be prepared to have as much small talk as possible with your sprayer (makes things less awkward).

Because the costs of these tans are so high (Oklahoma was $115 and Europa was $150), some people chose to use someone else to spray them or they even buy the product and do it themselves.

I’ve done it both ways, and in my experience I would prefer to pay more and use the company that is provided, hands down.


  1. You KNOW its going to be the right color (judges get picky about tan colors too)
  2. You don’t have to worry about the stress of doing it yourself
  3. They will give you a second coat in the morning
  4. Unlimited touch ups are provided prior to stage time (if you plan on using the restroom from the time you get the tan to the time you go on stage, you’re going to need touch ups, trust me)
  5. They provide you with “bikini bite”, which is basically spray glue used to make sure your suit bottoms stick/don’t move around. The spray tan people apply it for you to ensure it’s effective…so again, don’t be shy
  6. They rub baby oil or Pam all over you before walking on stage to give you an extra shine

Yes, those tans are crazy expensive, but in my opinion it’s the best route because it’s the least stressful route by getting all the added helping hands all day long.

Pack your day of bag:

  • Food – Mine consisted of eggs, rice, steak, rice cakes, peanut butter, honey, salt, reeces cups, chicken and sweet potatoes (if you’ve got a coach who knows what they’re doing, they should give a very specific plan as to what foods to have at what times of the day in specific amounts).
  • Makeup – Even if you pay to have it done (which I did), you’ll still always need to bring along items for touch ups/emergencies.
  • Hair products – including extensions, brush, hair spray, straightener/curler, etc.
  • Bikini & Heels
  • Baby Oil or Pam
  • Bands to warm up with to get a muscle pump (dumbbells are typically provided)
  • Headphones to use while you wait
  • Safety pins (for any emergency suit malfunctions)
  • Competitor’s number & badge

Attend the competitor’s meeting:

This is always  done the night before the show, usually in the late evening (I try to schedule my tan to be either right before or after this, since they’re both typically at the hotel near one another).

Some shows will have you seated in an auditorium so they can talk to all competitors at the same time and discuss how the following day will go.

Other shows will have you go straight to the check in process which includes:

  • Proof of NPC membership card
  • Get height taken – Bikini girls are measured by height to determine which “class” they’re in (I’m in height class B being at 5’3 – classes start at A, and can go all the way up to F depending on how many competitors there are)
  • They make sure your bikini bottoms are up to standard (believe it or not, they do have standards and do not allow any that look TOO much like a thong – you may now laugh out loud, go ahead)
  • Receive your competitor number and badge

Show Day

If you’ve never been to a show, how it works is there’s usually a morning show (where the pre judging takes place) and a night show where family and friends attend to watch the awards be handed out.

The morning of is usually a crazy mess of getting ready as soon as possible, just so you can sit around and wait.

An order of events is provided to show which classes go first (i.e. bodybuilding, figure, bikini, etc.) but there’s never any telling what time you’ll actually go on stage (unless your class is listed to go first but bikini is typically last).

It all depends on how many competitors there are and how fast the judges are moving.

I’ve been to shows where the morning show is done by 11am, but I’ve also been to some where bikini doesn’t get on stage for pre judging until 3pm.

This unfortunately makes it a total guessing game on when to eat your foods (for example, I was to have rice cakes, PB, and honey about 2 hours prior to stage).

NPC Oklahoma Championships

The NPC Oklahoma Championships was held on June 4th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was a National Qualify for those who place in the top 2 of each “Open” class.

I competed in both Bikini Novice (think beginner/have not won an open class yet) and Bikini Open (open is the only class that you can qualify in and usually includes any/all bikini girls therefor is the hardest to place in).

During the prejudging in the morning is where 99% of the actual scoring takes place.

At this particular show, only the top 3 were awarded and, the judges decide at that time who those top 3 are in each class.

After you’ve done your individual walk, they line you up on the sides of the stage to prepare for “first call outs”.

If your name is called out at that time, you can pretty much count on making top 5.

They then do comparisons between these 5 and will have you turn, walk, pose etc.

Typically, the judges move 1st place to the center,  and then move 2nd and 3rd place next to her.

1st Place Novice

After the morning show, I pretty much knew I had received 1st in Novice, but was unsure of my placing for the open class, which was what mattered most to me since I had the goal of qualifying for nationals.

2nd Place Open (lost to the overall winner)

When they called out my name for 2nd place open, I didn’t even care it wasn’t 1st because I was just to ecstatic to qualify and reach my goal! 🙂

After all Novice classes were awarded, they took the winner from each height class to have an overall Novice winner (which I did not win).

That night my husband and I went out for dinner with friends at Napa Flats where I had wine (1 glass, because that’s all I needed) BBQ chicken pizza, and Brahms ice cream after that.

First time eating out in 15 weeks!!

It felt SO good to relax and not have a food scale in front me, but it was also important that I didn’t over do it because I had to get right back to the diet the following morning with another show coming up 2 weeks after that.

Europa Games Expo – Dallas

Going into this show I knew it was going to be a very different experience from what I was used to.

First off it was a two day show meaning prejudging was held Friday morning and finals were held Saturday morning.

That means getting all glammed up TWICE which can not only be a pain but expensive as well (double the makeup costs, more tanning applications etc.).

Plus you can’t just walk off stage and go chow down…you’ve got to wait on pins and needles a whole other 24 hours.

Secondly, I chose to do this show because it would be the biggest one I’ve ever done and I wanted experience at one like that.

I went into it not even expecting to place top 5 because I knew that not only would there be a lot of competitors, but there’d also be a lot of REALLY GOOD competitors because it’s such a popular and fun show to do.

Prejudging was interesting because when I made first call outs in the open class, there were 7 of us up there which was not the norm (only top 5 place).

I also noted that in order to save time the judges were not doing a lot of moving around (i.e. moving first place to center), they were just marking the placings on their sheets instead.

Therefor I had no idea if I even got top 5 (I was just ecstatic to get first call outs).

For the Novice class, however, they placed me in the center immediately so I was confident in that placing.

It was a long morning of anxiously waiting, and I ended up getting off stage by around 1pm (judging started at 9am).

That night I slept an amazing peaceful 8 hours and woke up more than ready to do it all over again.

I wasn’t excited for it to all be over so I could eat, I was excited to get on that stage again and compete, because that’s what I love doing.

My mind was solely focused on the task at hand and doing what I needed to do that day, not on all the food that I was going to have afterwards (thank you flexible dieting).

The waiting game for finals lasted much longer this time as I don’t think I went on stage until about 3pm, due to the awards taking so long.

Obviously, the wait was worth it.

For the novice class, only the top 3 placed and I received 1st.

The rules vary per show on when you can no longer compete in this category, but I’ve decided to forgo it in the future either way.

It was a bit different for the open class because immediately before we went on stage, they told us who got top 5, but did not say in what particular order.

They did this so that we’d go on stage last and be the only ones left up there after all the other competitors performed their individual walk.

At that moment in time, I honestly thought I had gotten 4th or 5th, and was pretty pumped about it.

My thought process in those 30 seconds (that felt like a life time) went something like this:

“Top 5 heck yeah!!”

“4th place, I’ll gladly take it!”

“SWEET! 3rd place, thats so awesome!”

…They still hadn’t called my number…

“2nd?! No way….”

I actually started to take a step forward just before 2nd place was announced…and then froze in confusion when it still wasn’t me.

MC: “1st places goes to #211, Dani Krshka”

Me: “…….cricket, cricket…….”

I was almost in disbelief, and the shakes were uncontrollable as I stepped to the center of the stage to pick up my new trophy.

Tears filled me eyes as I stepped off stage realizing what I had just accomplished and then saw my husband literally running for me to give me a big giant hug!

My whole life I never thought I was good enough (especially for something like this).

I grew up being very hard on myself, lacking a ton of self esteem.

When I was in highschool I used to look in my bathroom mirror, literally grab my belly rolls and say “One day you’re going to figure this out. One day you will get the body you desire. One day you’re going to be confident and love yourself”.

I’m happy to say that one day has finally come.

When I first started competing, it was just a bucket list thing, and it was a long time before I started taking it seriously because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to compete.

Placing at all would have been a huge accomplishment to me at that time.

Four years later after lots of hard work and determination, I’ve finally realized that I do have control over my own destiny.

Rather that’s to start working towards my pro card or quit all together and try something new.

As cliche as it sounds, I now know that I can do whatever I set my mind to so long as I want it bad enough and put in the work that needs to be done.

After the show was over, 90% of the competitors I saw either running for the competitor dessert table or running out the door to go out and get whatever they were craving.

I on the other hand literally wasn’t even hungry.

I was too excited to think about food and wanted to do nothing but walk around the expo and taste samples of protein shakes, BCAA’s and protein bars.

Had I not been a flexible dieter, this would not have been the case and I would have been right there next to the other competitors downing cookies and cupcakes at the dessert table.

Instead, since I was one of the few competitors who stayed to hangout and had giant cups in my hand, the companies were throwing samples at me left and right filling them up.

We’d have to stop and move the samples over to hubbies bag pack so I’d have room for more (insert laughing emoji here)!

That night we went out and ate exactly what I did after the show, BBQ chicken pizza and wine (but I might have had more than 1 glass). 

Next time I’ll be discussing the emotional roller coaster of post prep which is an extremely vital time.

If you’re thinking about competing, you’ll definitely want to tune back in for this one!





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