Life During Bikini Prep – How I Survived Vegas

Life During Bikini Prep – How I Survived Vegas

Hey all!

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting on this particular post, and I’ve finally found the time to get it out there to you!

It’s been more than a couple weeks since I’ve updated you on my prep so I’m going to go over my vegas trip for the most part, and then finish up at the end with a few things that have taken place over the last couple weeks.

Planning Ahead – Food

At the beginning of this month we were in Vegas for 4 days (including traveling) which took some pretty extensive planning ahead in order to ensure I stayed on track.

Several days before we left, I sat down and planned out every meal that I was going to have throughout those 4 days and entered them into My Fitness Pal.

I also pre-ordered meals from the meal prep company Icon Meals, which also have almost all of their meals in My Fitness Pal.

If one of the meals wasn’t in there, I looked up the nutrition facts on the Icon Meal website and entered it into the app myself (click “create a food” and enter the macronutrients, calories, fiber, sugar etc.).

I typically have 2 meals a day that require something like cooking, a fridge, microwave etc. so I ordered enough meals to have 2 per day.

The rest of my meals came from protein shakes, easy on-the-go carbs (such as multi-grain cheerios & whole wheat/reduced sugar Smuckers Uncrustables) and combat crunch protein bars.

Thank goodness for flexible dieting! 

In order for the Icon Meals to stay fresh, they are packed in a box with dry ice and must be priority shipped in 1 day (you can order sooner than that and then choose which day you want it to arrive).

I had them shipped to my hotel which was super easy to arrange!

All I had to do was enter the hotels address on where to have it shipped and then call the hotel ahead of time to let them know I was expecting a package.

When it arrived the bell-hop brought it right up to our room which happened to be about 20 minutes after we checked-in so it worked out perfect! 

The shipping alone cost me around $30 which sounds expensive but it actually ended up being cheaper doing that than the amount my husband spent on himself eating out the whole trip (shipping costs vary so enter your zip code to check the rates or see if there’s a local Icon Meals location near you to pick it up yourself).

I’ll definitely be doing this again to save money on future trips since we eat so often throughout the day.

Another item I checked on prior leaving was if my room would have a fridge or not.

Luckily it did, but had it not what I would have done was used the box the icon meals came in and continued to fill it with ice from the ice machine down the hall.

If you don’t use Icon Meals and you don’t have a box for this, I recommend going to a local grocery store or Walmart and buying a disposable styrofoam cooler to use while traveling.

I also had to put a great amount of thought into what meals I was going to have at what time of day.

If I knew we were going to be out on the strip later in the evening, than I’d save my Combat Crunch Protein bar for that time & bring it in my purse rather than having it sooner like I usually do.

Protein shakes I’d put in a water bottle, bring it along and then add water to it when ready.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Cheerios were measured out prior in a ziplock bag and also brought along in the purse.

I had to very strategically plan when I would have my icon meals since they needed to be warmed up (we didn’t have a microwave in the room so I had to go down to the bar and awkwardly ask them to warm it up for me – gotta do what you gotta do!).

To sum it up, easy on the go meals were saved when I knew we wouldn’t be at the hotel, and Icon Meals that needed more prep were had while at the hotel.

Planning Ahead – Workouts

When booking our hotel, I checked to see what their gym looked like (which happened to be pretty great for a hotel).

We stayed at the resort where the wedding was held (at Lake Las Vegas), but had they not had a great gym, I likely would have Ubered it to one near by.

I used the 3D camera online and walked around the gym room virtually so that I could see what equipment was available and plan my workouts out ahead of time.

I also made sure to be as up to speed as possible with my cardio protocols before leaving so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting in a whole lot while there.

Friday’s are normally my day off, but the Bridesmaids held a private yoga/barre class for all of us girls attending which was new for me.

I really enjoyed it and got an extra killer leg-burning workout in!  

Planning Ahead – Supplements

Another area I had to plan ahead on was all of my supplements.

I have a pretty extensive supplement routine that I’m currently following so I made sure to get both my pre-workout and post-workout combos together prior leaving by using my Go Stackers show in the photo here.

I put my pre-workout in black, and post-workout BCAA’s/Glutamine/Creatine etc. in the pink to help keep me organized.

You can order these off Amazon for around $10-$12 with lots of different colors to choose from (click here to order).

Definitely worth it for the convenience factor both while traveling and on a weekly basis!


Dinner at the Wedding

This is the only meal that you can say that I “went off track” on but only in the since that I didn’t bring my food scale with me to measure everything out. 

Luckily it was a refeed day for me, so I planned ahead and left myself with plenty of carbs & fats so if anything I’d end up coming in under my total macro goals (some people have “cheat meals weekly while on prep and go all out eating whatever they want until they’re full, but mine are controlled refeeds where I get more calories that day but still have macro requirements to reach/not go over).

This was the only meal in the last 13 weeks that I have not measured out on a food scale, and I have to say that it mentally felt soooo good not doing so.

I ordered chicken and potatoes, and luckily I’ve been counting macros long enough now to be able to eye-ball it and estimate how many ounces are in front of me.

The chicken had skin in which I removed to avoid adding unnecessary fat, and the potatoes had oil on them which I made sure to consider since there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about that (1 tbsp of oil goes a loooong ways with 14g of fat).

As painful as it was, I did not enjoy any wedding cake, even with as BA of a cake it was!

It was an all white cake that had projectors on it constantly changing the images.

One thing I did do that might come as a big shock, is I did have 1 alcoholic drink (my first one since starting prep mid February).

This didn’t happen because I gave into temptation.

I purposely planned ahead and accounted for the calories by taking them from my carbs so my calories would at least be on track for the day. 

I ordered a vodka + club soda so that the only calories in it came from the alcohol.

I watched the bar tender pour it, and noticed it was about 2 shots worth which totaled 140 calories.

Since there are 4 calories in 1g of carb, I took 140/4 = 35g of carbs that I cut myself short on.

Had it not been a refeed day, I would not have done this on a low carb day because it would not have been worth it.

And in case you’re wondering, no I was not falling on the floor after one drink…unfortunately 😛

Because I had had so many calories that day, I didn’t feel anything more than relaxed…and like a normal human being enjoying myself!

I pondered a lot on if I was going to do this or not, and at the end of the day I decided that this was probably going to be the most elaborate wedding I ever attend in my life so I wanted to enjoy myself.

That slo-mo video is super cheesy (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here) – apparently my husband felt I wasn’t doing a good enough job of throwing the confetti!

I knew that I had done my best leading up to that day and I still had 4-6 weeks left of prep that I was going to continue doing my best on.

I knew that one night of being only 85% perfect out of 17 weeks, was not going to make or break me.

*You will make more progress in the long run if you are 80% perfect 100% of the time than if you are 100% perfect only 50% of the time.

Airport Probs 

While going through airport security on our way home – I ran into a bit of a problem.

My carry on bag had about every supplement you could think of in there (mistake #1) as well as a jar of cookie butter (all types of peanut butter are considered a “liquid”).

Needless to say, I got stopped and was held up for 30 minutes + while they frisked me, and tested each supplement individually.

Even though it’s all allowed (besides the PB), my advice would be to check a bag and place it all in there if possible.

If you need a protein shake on the plane, just put one scoop into a shaker prior and it should keep things much simpler.

At the time it was frustrating, but looking back I’m sure it was pretty assuming as I stood there in my tight leggings and shirt that read, “There’s no WE in Pizza” while being frisked and checked for illegal substances.

The Week Post Vegas

This week I was having all sorts of problems due to a number of things.

I expected my weight to be up like it was due to retaining water from flying, but I was feeling extremely uncomfortable/bloated and felt like a pile of rocks were just sitting in my stomach.

On top of that my workouts were pretty much AWFUL and it seemed like each day of the week got worse and worse.

It was then a trifecta effect and I started playing mind games with myself thinking I had done something horribly wrong with my macros in Vegas and maybe missed something big and not realized it.

I started feeling extremely nervous that I wasn’t going to be ready and I was going in the opposite direction.

This was all so confusing to me since nothing had changed with my diet and my fiber intake was on point where it always is, so I started looking at everything that I had possibly recently changed.

I finally figured out that the cause of the uncomfortable bloating was likely due to a new BCAA I was temporarily using until my Nutrithority order came in the mail.

As soon as I cut it out, I was feeling completely normal again.

It had an extra ingredient in there that my body either wasn’t used to or just doesn’t like period (citruline malate).

It’s very common for the body to be extra sensitive to things as it gets leaner so this didn’t surprise me.

That week I was also getting very little sleep compared to normal while trying to play catch up, and I was not drinking near enough water consistently.

Last Friday my coach lowered my low day macros again by 20g carbs and 5g fat and insisted I take the entire weekend off (regardless of the 2 rounds of HIIT I was suppose to do) due to the crummy week I had just had both mentally & physically.

Reluctantly, I followed her instructions.

After a weekend full of sleep, water, no weird BCAA’s and time off from the gym, I’m down 5 whole pounds compared to the end of last week (3 pounds down from my previous low).


At the end of my Vegas weekend while on competition prep, my take away is this:

I would not have been able to do this if I was not a flexible dieter, but I’m so glad I did and that I am.

This sport is my hobby, not my life.

I’ve put myself in more tempting situations throughout this prep than ever before, but it’s also made the process speed by faster than any other prep I’ve done because I’m still living my normal life.

Looking back there’s nothing I regret or would change.

Other Key Things I’ve Recently Noticed

  • I’m much more productive in life all around while on prep because I’m so focused
  • I’m cold ALL THE TIME (as of the last couple weeks)
  • Sometimes, my entire day’s schedule revolves around when I’m going to get my workout in and when I’m going to eat (kinda ready for that part to be over)
  • Sleeping burns lotssss of calories. So I need lotssss of it to be my best!
  • I feel overall just better/more energized when I take my vitamins first thing in the morning (too often I forget and end up taking them before bed)
  • Before my recent macro drop, I could kinda sorta go about the day without perfectly planning things out to a T, but now with where my low day macros are that’s no longer possible.
  • My body looks better and has been dropping weight after my refeed days (which I have 2 days of back to back)
  • Chests (cough cough – yes those), are officially gone – donezo – bye bye – see ya in a few months! 🙁



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