“Healthy” Foods That Can Make You Fat

“Healthy” Foods That Can Make You Fat

Good, I got your attention. 

I took this photo on a plane earlier this year. Notice anything wrong with this meal?

At first glance, probably not. Fruit, granola, yogurt…”healthy” right? Not exactly.

I added all the macros up and estimated this meal contains somewhere around 90-120g carbs, with about 70g of them coming from straight sugar.

No main source of protein anywhere. Not even the yogurt…(I checked and it only had 3g of protein in it).

Picture-8Yogurt Comparison:

Here to the left is a great example of what to avoid. Activia is a very well known brand that’s suppose to be “healthy” right? The nutrition label below reads otherwise. Not only does it have 42g of carbs and 30g of sugar, but it is seriously lacking protein with only 7g. Obviously the label is including the granola as well, but that’s a very small serving that will leave you very unsatisfied and searching for more food very shortly after. Picture-7

Yet again, another great example of a yogurt to watch out for – Yoplait Whips (one without any of  the fun “extras” added to it). Just this very small yogurt alone has 25g of carbs, 21g of sugar, and only 5g protein. If you haven’t taken the hint by now, you need A LOT more protein than this in every single meal you consume (no matter what your goals are).

Here’s a better option: 

Chobani Greek Yogurt (plain) has a much better source of protein containing 18g. It only has 7g of carbs (7g being sugar) and 0 fat. Be carful when choosing the flavored Chobani yogurts, as those have at least twice the amount of carbs & sugar. A way to spice this up without adding a bunch of sugar would be by adding some strawberries and/or almonds.

When it comes to choosing granola, the way to make the best choice is by choosing one that’s lower in fat (3g or less). All granolas are going to be very carb intensive for a very small amount. Granola is perfectly fine to incorporate into you daily diet, you just need to make sure you eat a good source of protein with it to slow the digestion process down (so the sugar won’t go straight through you leaving you hungry soon after).

Cookies-and-Cream-Quest-Bar-SingleWhen I was served this meal, to make it healthier I first ate a Quest Bar. The reason I did this was because the bars have so much fiber & protein in them that it slows down the digestion process of all the sugary foods & it helps fill me up. The fruit was what I ate the most of after that, and then I munched a little on the granola just to try it. I didn’t even touch the yogurt or lemon cake after that, one because I was so full from the quest bar and two because I didn’t need any extra carbs.

Just because you think you’re eating “healthy” foods, doesn’t mean you’re eating a healthy balanced meal. No wonder people don’t understand why they’re not making progress with their weight loss/fitness goals but yet they’re eating “healthy”.

In conclusion, the point here is to pay attention to nutrition labels, and eat a main source of protein in every single meal. It will make or break your results.


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