Competition Prep

Competition Prep

Whether you’re brand new to the bodybuilding world, or you’re an experienced competitor, Dani can help guide you to the stage to present your best overall package. Bikini/Figure competition prep works just like the Online Lifestyle Coaching, except updates will be more frequent. Macro, Cardio, Supplement, and Peak Week plans are ALL provided with all package options. The customized training program is additional but optional.



Initial phone consult to discuss competition goals
Customized macro, cardio & supplement plans
Minimum of 2x/weekly updates
Daily updates during peak week
Detailed peak week & day of show plans
Phone communication day of show if Dani can not attend 
Posing critiques (through photos & videos sent via email)
Free admission to any posing clinics held by Dani
Stage presence tips & plans (makeup, hair, suit color, etc.)
Post show reverse dieting plan (4 week minimum required)
Flexible dieting & reverse Dieting
Detailed diet monitoring throughout the entire process
Cooking & food prep tips
Access to private facebook support group

Deciding to do a bikini competition is not a decision that can or should be made overnight. There is so much that goes into prep and it takes a lot of determination. Dani asked all the right questions to make sure I was ready both mentally AND physically. Everything from training, to food prep to posing...I was provided all the instruction, advice and more importantly, the encouragement I needed to step on stage with confidence.

Stephanie McKibban-Herndon


In almost all cases, I require that my girls first go through an offseason with me prior to starting the competition diet. This time is extremely vital and is spent ensuring that your metabolism is ready for the competition diet. Exceptions can be made in a scenario such as A) you’ve worked with me previously and you feel comfortable doing your own offseason or B) you’ve worked with another coach previously and you have experience/knowledge with reverse dieting & flexible dieting (and you’re able to get your calories up high enough and cardio low enough prior to the start of prep). Payment for offseason is the same as the Lifestyle Coaching prices, with check in’s being once per week. Once it’s time to start the on-season competition diet, pricing will switch to those packages and you will begin checking in twice weekly instead of once.




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No. You will instead be receiving macro targets to reach for each day as well as recommendations on how to split them up per meal.

However, it is recommended that upon receiving your macros, you create your own meal plan that gets you to those macros for the day, which will help you have some sort of structure and ensure macro targets are reached.

An initial phone consult will be had to discuss your competing goals and realistic expectations. Addition phone updates will be had throughout the process if/when necessary. Text communication will take place during peak week if needed, as well as any type of communication necessary day of show. I will try my best to attend your show if it is within driving distance from Tulsa, OK. If you go to nationals, I will make a large effort to be there in support.

Weekly, we will communicate primarily online through as website called MyCoach+. You will create a profile and will be assigned a specific form to fill out each week. This form will consist of questions regarding your current measurements, what macros you hit the past week, how you’re feeling mentally/physically, how your workouts are going, what your appetite is like, any questions you may have for me, etc. I will reply in the space provided under each section with my notes and recommendations going forward.

I ask that you prepare to share personal details with me on anything that could be relevant to your progress. It is important that communication is always open and honest in all aspects. The more details I know about what’s going on in your life, the more invested I will be able to be in your goals and results.

Once you receive your starting program, you will send me an update twice per week on assigned days. All updates must be sent in prior to 1pm on their assigned day in order to ensure same-day reply. Updates sent in past 1pm will receive a reply the following day. These updates are to be thought as like your weekly appointment with me. Regardless of how your adherence has been the previous week, I still expect an update from you for accountability purposes.

All clients will receive my Dani K Fit manual that goes over topics such as what you need to start counting macros, how to use My Fitness Pal, how to track them while eating out, how to track alcohol calories, traveling tips, and much more.

You will also need to be patient and prepared to make mistakes as you first get going. Learning how to count macros is a process that can only be done through trial and error on your end. I will not be able to hold your hand through counting every single gram, therefore it’s vital that you learn to be independent in this area and take the time to learn the process as you go.

A minimum of half of the amount is due upfront. After that remaining costs may be paid on a monthly basis if needed. However, if total sum is paid upfront a 15% discount will be applied.

This is something I will have to help you decided after assessing your current situation and competition goals. We will also need to consider an offseason timeline in order to ensure your metabolism is ready for the competition diet. I require all preps are a minimum of 16 weeks long so that we are not rushed and can properly prepare.

Prior to starting prep, I want your calories to be at a minimum of 15x your bodyweight. If you are quite a bit under that amount or have dieted very recently, we will need to start with an offseason reverse diet. This is something you and I will need to speak more on after we asses your current situation.

Only if you purchase them. You get the option to purchase programs that either do or don’t include the custom workout splits.

Programs that do include the custom workouts splits are more expensive because of the amount of time and effort that goes into creating them for each individual.

These programs are very detailed and include the following: Exact exercises to do in a specific order, number of sets, number of reps, amount of time to rest in between each set, warm up routines, and an extensive FAQ document  (11 pages) that should cover all of your workout and weight training questions.

You will also know which exact days to go heavier and which exact days to lift lighter.

While in competition prep, be prepared to lift 5-6 days per week not including cardio. Cardio will be in addition to the lifting routines, which will be done either during the same session as a lift or a separate time of day. I do suggest 1 complete rest day per week.

If you’re trying to compete, yes you will absolutely need access to a well equipped gym. 

Yes. Because cardio goes hand-in-hand with nutrition and your metabolism, specific plans are included in all programs offered, even if you do not purchase the custom workouts.

All programs include a recommended vitamin & supplement plan. I suggest planning on at least purchasing protein powder, as it will be difficult for you to reach your protein goals without going over on your fats.

Other items will be listed, but will not be mandatory as they are only recommendations.

All clients will be placed in my private Facebook group for more accountability and to create a team atmosphere. It is yours to use at your disposal, and can be a great way to get meal ideas and other tips from experienced macro counters and flexible dieters who are also currently working with me.

If your program includes nutrition/macros, you will receive my Dani K Fit Manual, that goes over topics such as what you need to start counting macros, how to use My Fitness Pal, how to track them while eating out, how to track alcohol calories, traveling tips, and much more (a 24 page document).

Also within that manual are recommended podcasts that discuss Flexible Dieting & Reverse Dieting.

Trying while on a competition diet is tough, but can be done. I will help guide you the best that I can with my own tips and tricks but be prepared for extensive planning ahead and discipline.

Competing in Bodybuilding is very expensive.

Top costs include: suit, heels, jewelry, hair & makeup applications, entry fees, travel costs, and more. 


A food scale, a scale to weigh yourself on, measuring tape for body measurements, protein powder, and food storage containers.

If you travel often, I recommend using Icon Meals (discount code: doitlikedani) as well as purchasing some sort of travel cooler to bring your own meals along (I recommend the brand Six Pack Bags).

If you purchase the custom workout plan, you will need a gym membership and then also most likely I will have you get a hip circle ($20-25).

Ultimately the less alcohol you consume on a regular basis the better progress you will see. I personally recommend drinking a little as possible while on prep. Just to give you an example, during my lost competition diet I consumed about 4 glasses of wine total within a 6 month time span.

You will be provided with several food lists that are simply recommendations but not mandatory. The lists will break foods out into their macro categories so you can learn which foods have which macros. Ultimately you get to decide which exact foods are going to get you to your macro goals.

Yes. If you purchase the custom training program, just make sure I have a clear understanding of how “new” or inexperienced you are to the weights. I will tailor your programs to ease you into the process.

However if you are new to lifting weights, I do not recommend jumping into a competition prep right away. We will first need to start with a long offseason plan in order to add some base muscle to your frame.

If you’re efficient in the gym, 1-1.5 hours. If you take your time, up to 2 hours depending upon the current routine we’re on. I’m only referring to weight training here, not any cardio added on top of this.

This will not be necessary. I will give you everything you need to prepare you for the stage from start to finish. 

Bikini Coaching Application

Now Accepting New Clients!

To inquire about online coaching services, please fill out the following application form. *ALL QUESTIONS REQUIRED*. Please note that you must be ready metabolically before we’re able to start the actual competition prep. If I do not feel your calories, muscle mass, and or activity is in a good starting position, we will first need to begin with an offseason process before we start dieting dow. 
It’s important that you’re prepared for tough love as I am a coach who’s looking out for your best interest and to make the most of our time. If I feel that we’re on the same page with what is realistically attainable for your goals, you will be contacted shortly with current availability.


Once your personal program has been developed and received, there will be no refunds allowed. 

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