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Improvement Season Supplement Routine

Today I’m sharing my OFF season supplement necessities – these are the basics and are also good for those who don’t compete but want to live a fit lifestyle (and look like they workout).

My Favorite Fitness Apps

Below are 4 apps I incorporate into my fitness lifestyle on a daily basis, rather I’m dieting, maintaining, or trying to add muscle. They’re all pretty basic, but I’m not sure if I could survive without using any of them. If I’m missing out on any you use yourself, please leave a comment at the…
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“I Don’t Want to Get Big”

We live in a world where today’s media is filled with marketing scams, exaggerations, lack of legitimate research and just plain lies. The exact scenario I’m referring to is why women should or shouldn’t lift weights and what the consequences are. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a woman look at me and say…
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Your Scale is Lying

People always look at me crazy when I tell them to stop worrying so much about the scale…here’s why! This is what 5 pounds of fat looks like compared to 5 pounds of muscle. Saying “muscle weighs more than fat” isn’t the correct terminology. How it should be put: muscle takes up less space in…
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Why Your Treadmill Won’t Let You Lose Weight

These days as soon as you walk into the gym, one of the first things you’ll notice is all of the women on the treadmills (or ellipticals or stairmasters or any other type of cardio machine). Why is that? Well, for some reason, there’s been this weird conspiracy for years that cardio is the most…
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