Bikini Prep 2019 – A Few Things I’ve Learned Thus Far

Bikini Prep 2019 – A Few Things I’ve Learned Thus Far

By the time I get to my first show of this season, I’ll have been dieting for only 13 weeks.

When a competitor starts with me, I always recommend a longer prep…anywhere from 16-20+ weeks depending on where they’re starting and how much they have to lose.

My lost prep was 24 weeks long.
There are a lot of benefits to taking things slower. Some of which include less stress in regards to time, decreases chances of losing muscle, and can lead to being able to get leaner in the long run due to metabolic adaptation.

2017 Before & After

Now that I’ve had personal experience through both scenarios, I can easily say the knowledge I’ve gained has been incredibly valuable.

There are pros & cons to a short prep, and there are pros and cons too long one.

Somethings I’ve taken note of this time are:

  • I’m making progress faster than I ever have which has made the process MUCH more enjoyable for me. I also may be pushing harder than I ever have, but it’s been worth it to see the changes happening so quickly before my eyes. I’m someone who’s motivated my progress, so this has been a win win for me over the last 8 weeks.
  • I’ve felt MUCH more anxious, nervous and stressed for time, more than I ever have. Even after a week were a ton of progress was made, I still find myself worried on rather or not I’ll be ready in time. This I believe happens for everyone at some point during prep, but that mental roller coaster has been harder for me this go around compared to past experiences. I feel rushed and I’m worried it’s starting to impact my cortisol levels which can cause fat loss stalls. 
  • I have high hopes that I’ll be able to reverse out of it better than I have in years past because I won’t have been in prep for as long (however a lot can happen between now and the time my season is over lol). We’re also planning on doing a mini reverse mid prep, in between some of my shows where I’ll have a few weeks worth of time.
  • I’ve done a lot of things this time that I purposely have not had my own competitors do in the past (specifically referring to cardio protocols), but I’m learning and evolving under some of the best guidance out there. I’ve always chosen to try specific approaches myself, before using them on my clients that way I have personal experience from it.

Ideally my coach and I would love to have more time.

He prefers to get his competitors ready super early, so they can actually raise calories over those final weeks going into the show. Unfortunately we very likely will not have time to do that before June 1st.

However, the reasons we both felt comfortable taking the risk with a short prep are:

  1. I haven’t been in a calorie deficit in nearly 2 years therefor my body should respond well (which it has).
  2. I’m a veteran in the sport and I know what to expect of it physically & mentally.
  3. I have the time & flexibility in my schedule to give the process what it’s going to require. I work from home 100% of the time. I also have a treadmill and basically a full gym at home, all of which makes time management drastically easier than it’s ever been.
  4. My motivation has never been more intense this year due to our fertility situation. I was craving something knew to focus on while I wait on that very difficult journey. I can happily say it has so far served its purpose and life has felt MUCH more exciting again since I jumped back into the bodybuilding scene.

Starting weight (March 4th): 126.6
Lowest weight so far: 116.8

Starting Waist: 26.8”
Current Waist: 25”

Goal weight: A minimum of under 113 for this first show, but as we continue on after that I’m aiming for 110 or less to be able to bring the conditioning needed to make a run for my pro card.

I’m currently taking on new clients both lifestyle and competitors.
If you’re interested in competing and you’re in need of a coach, click here for info.

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