5 Ways to Maintain Weight on a Wine Vacation

5 Ways to Maintain Weight on a Wine Vacation

We’ve all been there…a vacation is coming up and you’d like to drop a few lb’s beforehand.

But you also want to enjoy yourself and do whatever you want/eat whatever you want because you’ve “earned it”. It’s called vacation for a reason right?

What if I told you that you could maintain body weight on vacation, while still enjoying yourself at the same time? Would you believe me?

Good news. I’ve figured out exactly how to do so.

Last month my husband and I traveled to the Napa Valley for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

I weighed myself the day before we left, and again a couple days after returning. The result was I maintained my weight down to the decimal, and I was able to fully enjoy myself at the same time.

Listed below are a few of the ways I did so that you can try to!

1. Do not diet prior

Going on a strict diet prior to vacation is just asking for it.

If you’re a follower of mine you already know I’m not a fan of quick fix fad diets, cleanses, “juicing”, or anything related…

But what I’m actually referring to here is it’s not even a good idea to do a proper diet immediately beforehand.

Going into a vacation (that was going to includes endless amounts of wine) with a high caloric intake was the biggest key to my success. My body was already used to eating almost 2,000 calories daily, therefor I had a lot of room to work with.

When I left for vacation, I had reverse dieted my macros up to about:
125 protein | 225 carbs | 60 fat | which = 1,940 calories daily

Had I been dieting on let’s say 1,500 calories or less, whatever weight I would have lost prior would have been added right back on because there’s no way I was going to stay at 1,500 calories a day & still enjoy my time in wine country.

Therefor the more calories your body is use to consuming prior the trip, the easier it’s going to be to enjoy yourself.

2. Calculate the alcohol calories

Am I saying drinking alcohol is going to benefit your fitness goals?

Absolutely not.

But what I am saying is that if you can at least account for the calories and subtract them from the amount you’re aiming for, it’s going to save you from doubling your calorie intake for a week straight which WILL lead to actual fat gains, not just”water weight”.

Now, it’s  important to understand that alcohol calories don’t have macros (proteins, carbs, fats).

That’s where the term “empty calories” comes in.

So how do you count alcohol towards macros if they don’t have any? Well, I convert them into My Fitness Pal as either carbs or fats that way my overall calories at least stay on track.

Listed below is everything you need to know on how to do the above!


Macros Makeup Calories:

  • 1 Gram of Protein = 4 Calories
  • 1 Gram of Carb = 4 Calories
  • 1 Gram of Fat = 9 Calories

Estimate daily amount of consumption:

Since we’ve been to the valley several times before, I knew to estimate that I would be having about 5 glasses per day (if not more).

  • We tend to visit 3-5 wineries per day
  • Each winery gives you about a 2oz pour on 2-5 different wines
  • Therefor you can expect to have at least 1 glass per winery
  • If you’re not totally wined out by dinner, you’re probably going to have another glass there too because #wheninNapa

Converting alcohol calories to Carbs and/or Fats:

If one five ounce pour of wine has roughly 110 calories, then 1 glass of wine could equal the following:

  • Carbs: 110/4 = 27.5 carbs
  • Fats: 110/9 = 12.2 fats

To make things simpler, I estimated and then created foods in My Fitness Pal that showed 1 glass of wine equaled either 30 carbs or 12 fat.

Before I even left for the trip, I added in 5 glasses of wine per day so that I’d know exactly what macros I had left to actually eat for the day.

Figuring left over macros to aim for:

  • 110 x 5 glasses = 550 calories
  • 1,940 (current calorie consumption) – 550 (calories from wine) = 1,390 calories to eat
  • This left me around 125p/120c/45f = 1,385 calories

*Note you can also count a glass as half carbs and half fats by adjusting the serving sizes in the app.

Again – I am not saying anyone should consume this much alcohol regularly and expect to make results. This was a temporary adjustment so that I could enjoy my wine vacation and not go too overboard.

I know what you’re probably thinking – “did you really count macros while on vacation?”

Well – yes.

At least I estimated to the best of my ability because it’s a way of life that I not only chose to live by, but also because its ingrained in my head and there’s really no getting around it. I’ve been counting macros for so long now that when I look at food, I immediately only see proteins/carbs/fats and I start estimating the amounts.

Was I perfect and super diligent?

Absolutely not.

But what I did do was I ate intuitively which meant I kept protein and veggies a priority, ate when I was hungry, stopped when I was full, and in my head kept track of what I could keeping in mind the macro range I needed to stay close to.

3. Icon Meals

So Many Choices
Since I knew what macros to aim for ahead of time, it was super easy to pre-order some Icon Meals and have them shipped to the resort.

I ordered enough to have 1 meal per day, and typically chose a breakfast meal because the room had a microwave I could warm it up in.

Icon Meals is a food delivery service where you can choose your meals and serving sizes in correlation to your macro goals and have them overnighted to wherever you’d like.

They’re shipped in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice and leave the night before the date you choose to receive them, therefor they stay frozen and won’t go bad.

If you’re staying in a hotel, just put in the notes to have the delivery man drop it off at the front desk, and then call the hotel to give them a heads up that you’re expecting a package.


For 10% off your entire order,
use my code “doitlikedani” at checkout!

*Code may be used as many times as you like

4. Salads & Picnics

Since I was more in it for the wine this vacation and I had little macros to work with, when eating out I tried to stick to filling salads + protein on top (I actually really like salads so that’s a bonus).

I’m not a big foodie so splurging on foods/desserts just wasn’t a big deal to me therefor I sacrificed high calorie meals for high end wines.

Before the wine tastings began at 10am, we would stop by the grocery store and pick up things like deli turkey, wraps, hummus, veggies, and pre-made salads that we could have for a picnic.

I’d then use my 6 Pack Bags Purse to carry it all in.

Shown here is a salad I had at our favorite winery – Rombauer – where after our tasting they poured us an extra glass of our choosing to go with our picnic that we had in their garden overlooking the valley.

Not only is the self-made picnic route macro efficient, but it’s also cost efficient. Eating out for every single meal on vacation adds up quickly!

Plus – not everyone gets to picnic in a vineyard everyday…


I knew ahead of time that I’d have access to a pretty decent gym, however they weren’t going to have anything for heavy compound lifts (deadlifts, back squats, bench press etc).

Therefor I decided this would be the perfect time to have a deloading week.

A deloading week is beneficial for those who lift pretty strenuous weights 5-6 days a week, and when done properly should be done about every 8 weeks.

To do so, reduce everything by 25% (pounds normally lifted, sets and reps).

This allowed me to get in and out of the gym very quickly without feeling guilty like I should be doing more.

Since we didn’t get started until 10am (12pm back home), this made it very easy to get up early and get it out of the way. I felt great mentally that I was staying on track as best as I could, and it also helped wake me up & feel energized/ready for the day.

*Side note – I really don’t go anywhere without my hip circle


Like how I didn’t diet prior, I also wasn’t doing a ton of cardio prior.

Had I been doing large sums beforehand, it would have been necessary to keep up with it while on vacation in order to maintain my net calorie consumption/exertion that my body was used to.

Cardio on vacation does not equal a vacation in my eyes (to read more about the negative effects of too much cardio, click here).


To sum things up, this is the first time I’ve gone on a vacation without a fat loss goal prior, and having that mindset made things 10x more relaxing because I wasn’t worried about gaining back weight I had just lost.

If you’re familiar with counting macros and you’ve got a good routine down, these tips can be very helpful for your next vaca.


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