About Dani

Dani Krshka is an online fitness & bodybuilding coach residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has been training others both in person and online since 2012 lifestyle clients and physique competitors included. Dani’s goal is to help others increase their quality of life and find strength & confidence both physically and mentally through a flexible dieting lifestyle.

Dani has years of experience working with several coaches in the fitness industry with different backgrounds, those including; Paul Revelia, Laurin Conlin, Bret Contreras, and William Grazione. She’s helped many women get to the stage for the first time as well as hundreds of lifestyle clients completely change their relationship with food for the better while reaching their fitness and weight loss goals at the same time. Like she once proved herself wrong, it’s Dani’s goal to prove to her clients that it’s not “just genetics” and they too have the ability to reach their physique goals in a realistic and sustainable manner.

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